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Dawn of War 3 Collectors Edition

Dawn of War 3 Pre-Orders Are Live!

Dawn of War III will be released on April 27 for PC and pre-orders are now live! You can choose between the Basic, Limited, and Collectors Editions. The Collector’s edition comes with: Godsplitter Daemon Hammer Three mounted cloth faction banners Lenticular art card Game Soundtrack

Check out Lion Tower Miniatures’ New Adventurers Range

Lion Tower Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter project for a new line of adventurer miniatures. The figures are 32mm scale, and this wave are all Human Male characters that should fit well in any fantasy setting.  They’re hoping to unlock more figures as the campaign progresses

Dread Harpies - Painted

Dread Harpies Available From Avatars of War

Avatars of War have released their plastic Dread Harpies/ Beast Gargoyles kit. Check them out here! Dread Harpies Blister – Avatars of War From the Avatars of War website: “This new multi-part HIPS plastic regiment box contains 60 plastic parts to assemble 10 Harpies, Gargoyles,

Doughnut Drive-Thru Card Game on Kickstarter

Doughnut Drive-Thru is a new card game on Kickstarter.  If you like baked goods and outwitting your opponents then check this one out. A card game about baking and selling doughnuts (and other sweet treats) to customers, quickly. Will you succeed at the hole business?!

Astropolis Minatures Range

Astropolis Miniature Range on Kickstarter

Lead Adventure Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter project for Astropolis. Astropolis is a new range of 28mm scale Sci-Fi non-combat miniatures, sculpted by Igor Karpov. The Kickstarter hopes to bring the range of 19 metal miniatures to backers around the world. The campaign has 29