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More 6th Edition 40k Rumours

Hello, Another load of 6th ed 40k rumours, or pure shite? Enjoy. Thanks to Old School Terminator and Dark Future Games. πŸ™‚

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Games Workshop July releases

Hello. Games Workshop releases for July. Thanks to for the news. The following products are set to be released by Games Workshop on July 9th, 2011. All prices are in US$. 64-48 Magewrath Throne And Balewind Vortex $37.25 64-49 Eternity Stair And Dreadfire Portal

Blood Bowl & Warhammer Quest, anyone???

Good, Evening. The good people at Warseer, including rumour-monger, Harry,Β are hinting at a possible Blood Bowl or even Warhammer Quest release for September. GW has alluded to Blood Bowl on numerous occasion over the recent months, including Jervis Johnson and his Standard Bearer in White

Digital White Dwarf

Hello. Just wanted to share, GW today announced a digital version of the White Dwarf magazine. No release date but should be nice… Cheers. πŸ™‚

Leaked Dark Eldar Haemonculus, Wracks & Grotesques

Hello, Again. Leaked images of the new Dark Eldar Haemonculus, Wracks & Grotesques. The source was unclear whether the Wracks are going to be Finecast, but the Haemonculus and Grotesques will meet this criteria. Enjoy! Thanks to Dark Future Games, and Natfka. Haemonculus Wracks

Citadel Finecast leaked pictures

Good, Evening. Some leaked pictures of new up-and-coming Citadel Finecast models being released next week. Thanks to Dark Future Games, and Natfka. Cheers. The new resin sprues. Pages from Citadel Finecast Catalogue. Captain Stern. πŸ™‚

Squats anyone???

With the rumoured inclusion of Squats (Demiurg) as Tau allies, hopefully the new GW sculpts will be as nice as these done byΒ  new company, Pegaminidesign. Absolutely awesome! As if the mighty GW would disappoint πŸ™‚ Praise the Emperor. These figures are from a race

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Rumoured return dates for some GW metal figures

These are the rumoured dates but no news on which format, though. Metal, plastic & resin??? There are talks of possible new (re) packaging? Thanks to mikhaila from DakkaDakka and From an email from GW. Dates are when these items will be back in