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Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault Revealed

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault now has a release date, the 29th of September 2018. That means pre orders go live this Saturday. Nightvault is a brand new core set for Warhammer Underworlds and brings two new warbands plus rules for the use of magic. This release

Great Unclean One

New Great Unclean One and Rotigus Kit from GW

The Great Unclean Ones are some of Nurgle’s most powerful daemons. They are bulky bastions on rotting flesh and carry rust covered weapons, while also able to unleash foul magic. This new multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to make one Great Unclean One

Gorechosen Game

Gorechosen Boxed Game Now Available

Gorechosen is new boxed game by Games Workshop. In it four champions of Khorne engage in arena combat to see who is the mightiest! It’s a fast-paced arena combat game for 2-4 players. The game has lots of variations and tweaks on the core game

New Start Collecting! Box Sets for Age of Sigmar

There are 5 new Start Collecting Box Sets for Age of Sigmar. They all offer really good value at £50 and make a great starting force for each of the factions. Check them out below! Start Collecting! Stormcast Eternals This box set contains: 1x Lord-Celestant

Shartor The Executioner - AOS Character Series

Meet Shar’tor the Executioner

Forge World has revealed Shar’tor the Executioner as the first model in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Character Series. Check him out in the video below: Shar’tor the Executioner This massive bull centaur is a warrior-priest of Hashut. Armed with the Darktide Axe and Hashut’s

The Sylvaneth Returns

The Sylvaneth Return!

This week sees the return of the Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth are the wildness and hunger of nature given form and we get no less than 4 new kits from GW.  The release includes some amazing miniatures and Alarielle is definitely worth a good look. Alarielle

Warhammer Quest Mighty Heroes Bundle

Warhammer Quest Mighty Heroes Bundle

This week it’s still about Warhammer Quest: SIlver Tower with the new Warhammer Quest Mighty Heroes Bundle. This bundle includes 4 heroes with their rules for use in the Silver Tower. Here’s what you get: 1x Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord 1x Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterpriest 1x Stormcast