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The Lord Inquisitor Prologue is Out

The prologue for The Lord Inquisitor movie is finally here. Check it out below! What is the Lord Inquisitor? The Lord Inquisitor is a 100% fan made short film project set in the Warhammer 40K universe. It’s the brain child of Erasmus Brosdau and was

Death Masque Boxed Game Banner

Warhammer 40 000: Death Masque Boxed Game

Death Masgue is the latest boxed game from GW. The forces of the Deathwatch square off against the Eldar, in 3 Echoes of war missions. Will Eldrad Ulthran succeed with his plans or will Watch Captain Artemis be able to stop the Eldar’s schemes. What’s

Call of the Beastman Trailer

Call of the Beastmen Trailer for Total War: Warhammer

The Beastmen are unleashed next for Total War: Warhammer. They will be available on the the 28th of July. Check out the Beastmen trailer below: For more info on Call of the Beastmen you can checkout the Steam store page at There is a

Start Collecting Dark Eldar and Eldar

Start Collecting! Eldar and Dark Eldar

Both the Eldar and Dark Eldar Start Collecting! box sets have been revealed. The Dark Eldar one contains 15 miniatures and would a great starting point for any Dark Eldar force. The Eldar one only has 5 models but contains a Fire Prism! Start Collecting!

Lost Patrol Boxed Game

Lost Patrol Boxed Game

Lost Patrol is a 2 player boxed game by GW. In it a Space Marine Scout squad faces off against a Tyranid  Genestealer force.  The Scouts have to retrieve vital documents and then escape via a dropship. The Genestealers are of course on the hunt

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War 3 Revealed

Check out the reveal trailer for Dawn of War 3! The game will only be out in 2017 but it sounds like it’s going to be worth the wait. Here’s  what the executive producer Stephen MacDonald had to say: This is the Dawn of War

Death From The Skies

Death From The Skies!

Death from the skies is a new supplement for Warhammer 40k. As the name suggests it contains new rules for using flyers including the new Dogfight phase. Along with the release there is also a new Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor and Ork Wazbom Blastajet kit.