Glorious Colour


Let us hope that the name change to our beloved colours is the only difference when it comes to the new paints?

Please let Scorched Brown and Graveyard Earth be untouched…

Unless the pigment ratio has been increased 🙂


6 thoughts on “Glorious Colour”

  1. jochemvh says:

    What i’ve seen so far is that the pigment ratio has definitly been increased, but the colours are slightly different. white scar is slightly greyer than skull white.

    1. Charl says:


      Thanks for the info. Good news on the pigment increase, will make getting a smooth finish on colours like white a bit easier. Hopefully the difference in colour to the old range isn’t too noticeable. Would be a pity if we now have to struggle to match our existing colour schemes with the new paints. But guess we’ll only know once we got our hands on some of the new paints 🙂

  2. thusdefiled says:

    Howdie, Jochem.

    Good Evening.

    Yes, cheers for the info. The pigmentation certainly a plus but the “discoloration” of old colours worrying indeed. My favourite colours from the old range were definitely the browns. All I need now is to mix paints to get the same finish as before 🙁

    Not sure when the paints will be available in this country, though.


  3. jochem says:

    what i”ve seen and tried myself, colours like blood red and scar white are so much better, they cover better and are easy to dillute for blending. its almost like somebody at GW had a brainfart, looked at al the competetors out there and took what worked and put it in a bottle. i’ve only seen some of the new colours and what they do, but it looks really promissing. my biggest regret is that devlan mud seems to have gone the way of the dodo. 🙁

  4. thusdefiled says:

    I am glad to know that I have all the colours needed to finish my Sanctified Warhost. I can only imagine the frustration if you are halfway through or about to finish a project to to find out, shit, the paints have changed…

    With so many competitors, Vallejo, P3, new Army Painter War Paints, etc, about time GW catches a wake-up.

    It would be nice to swear at GW, but at least we are getting more colours.

  5. jochem says:

    just read in the last white dwarf, there a conversion table in there. what the old colors were called, and what the new names are. now i’ll just have to see if they are really the same or slightly off.

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