New Chaos Space Marines Goodness!!!


Thanks to natfka & faeit212 for these images.

There seem to be a lot of mixed reactions towards a lot of what is seen in these images?

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. I agree, the Helldrake does seem a bit meh, but we have only seen one pic thus far.

The best of all, these are all new releases and they will be bringing something new to the table – what more can we ask for?






Warp Talons


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2 thoughts on “New Chaos Space Marines Goodness!!!”

  1. Jack Fourie says:

    Is it just me or are the majority of these models iron warriors 😀

    1. thusdefiled says:


      Charl and I have also discussed the same issue.

      Good old Perturabo 🙂

      Up the irons…

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