Dread umm… Ork Sighted!!

Look at what’s been floating around on BOLS.  Great conversion and awesome paint job – those Orks sure know how to loot!  You can check out some more WIP pictures and  other angles here.  PS – Gotta love the Grey Knight dangling at the back

White Dwarf #375

Hello, all. If any of you have friends or family affected by the weekend’s unfortunate fire, may the situation change for the better. On a less sombre note, White Dwarf #375 is available at CNA in the Somerset Mall. Retailing at R29.95. Cannot complain. Given

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Looking for 3 games (thurs 21/04)

Hello all Firstly I’m sorry that I couldnt make it last night but law is alot harder than I thought, I’m writing criminal procedure tomorrow at 9am which is not ayoba and it mean I will be unable to attend the carnage tomorrow. However if

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Looking For A Game

Hi all; was over on Saturday, great to finally have a wargaming shop in Somerset West/Boland, nice looking place! I’m a new 40k player, have (suprise….not!) a Space Marines army. Would like a game this coming Thursday at the new venue (Battle Bunker, Libri Rd).

Behold the Glory of the Tomb Kings…

Good, Evening. I am not sure how many of you frequent Warseer.com, but a certain member on their forum managed to obtain some fantastic images of some of the new range being unleashed upon the Warhammer world. Let us all say together: Arigatou gozaimasu Hitsugaya

How To Roll Citadel Dice!

    Released today is How to Roll Citadel Dice, a 126-page full-colour guide containing everything you ever need to know about rolling dice to improve your battles.  Never lose a game again, check it out now!

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Moving up in the World…

Hi Guys, In case you didn’t get the mail…we are moving club venues!! Battle Bunker has opened a shop in Somerset West and asked if we would like to use it for our venue.   So as of this coming Thursday (31 March 2011) we