Chaos v IG leafblower

Hello one and all to my first real post on the new site. Firstly I want to say thanks to Charl for the very snazy setup. Secondly I would like to tell you about the run in I had against Chris’s IG, myself obviously playing Chaos.

The table was set up with a healthy number of buildings although they were mostly ignored during the game which is surprising when playing against IG but that’s how it was. The set up was pitched battle and we were set for a 5 objective capture and control game.

Since Chris was going first he deployed first (I think). Chris arrived with a rather different list than im used to, leafblower, there were 6 chimeras, manticore, vendetta, and a Leman Russ, for those of you who don’t know the Chimeras actually pack quite a punch. Chris deployed all those Chimeras in basically a nice line (very clever for denying shots to the softer side armour). I deployed my 2 units of obliterators in some nice cover with a good field of view of the battlefield, 2 units of bezerkers were deployed in rhinos ready to put foot to floor and get into CC with those squishy guardsmen, and I kept 2 units of plague marines and a large terminator squad with typhus in reserve. In Chris’s scout move his sneaky vendetta zoomed up to my flank and in doing so gained a 4+ cover save. I managed to seize the iniative (I rolled alot of 6s before the game started). Then the game started.

First things first I moved the Zerkers up as far as they could go and popped smoke on both rhinos. 2 obliterators shot at the Vendetta all the shots hit but the sneaky bugger saved both of them with that 4+. The other Obliterators fired on a chimera and managed to immobilize it if I remember correctly, so ended my turn. Chris started by moving some things around to get better shots into the rhinos, the vendetta fired into a obliterator unit whipping out both of the models in it. The Chimeras managed to really put some hurt on the Rhinos.

Next turn the obliterators did more of nothing really and my Bezerkers disembarked and charged some tanks and managing to do just about nothing despite their awesomeness. Chris’s turn and the other unit of obliterators are wiped out, it sucked.

The rest of the game was quite a blur but it consisted mostly of me waiting for my terminators which took way to long and Chris flaming me to hell. It was victory to the imperium with 3 to 2 objectives or something like that, but it was by no means I close game I got hammered.

Thanks for the game Chris is was great fun but next time I will have some better dice.

Josh Barlow

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