3 Player Battle

Mission: Annihilation

Set up: quarters

Armies: Space marines (Rob), Chaos (Jack) and Chaos (Josh) – 1000pt each.

Well this was truly interesting. Jack seized the initiative and went first flying his demon prince right up into Rob’s front line and moving a plague marine squad in my direction, there was some shooting but it was largely ineffective. The big scary demon charged into a 5 man marine squad managing to take 2 out, unfortunately for Jack the space marines fled leaving the prince out in the open. I (Josh) went next and zoomed up 2 rhinos (with zerkers) and my own demon prince towards Rob’s quarter where I hoped I could meet both my enemies in one area. My obliterators tore into the advancing plague marine squad wiping it down to a single man (which was easily gunned down later). Rob went last and rolled his landraider (crusader) around to fire at Jack’s prince and unloaded his terminator squad to finish it off in assault, amazingly the raider managed to take all 4 wounds from the prince.

In Jack’s 2nd turn he focused pretty much everything on the terminators and managed to take out 3 or so from shooting. Jack’s sorcerer charged into the squad and took another 1 or 2 out, in reply the terminators managed to instant kill the 185pt model. In my next turn my plague marine unit in reserve arrived right behind Jack’s 10man unit of chaos space marines, a single round of rapid fire made sure that the broke and fell back (towards the unit that just shot at them, which meant that because I was within 6′ they could not regroup!) they just kept running away until they got to their board edge. My little warband of bezerkers and the demon prince moved right into Rob’s comfort zone, although still out of assault range. My obliterators kept harassing anything they could see. Rob aimed pretty much everything on my demon prince but only managed to take a single wound if I remember correctly.

Jack had just about only his unit of 2 obliterators left, and I can’t remember what they did at this point but it wasn’t anything spectacular. In my third turn the noose closed around Rob and my demon prince and 2 units of 8 Bezerkers charged into combat cutting a bloody swathe through his entire corner, except for the land raider which took an immobilized, weapon destroyed and crew stunned result but still remained intact. One of my empty rhinos tank shocked a unit of marines causing them to flee off the board, this seems to happen very often in my games. In Rob’s turn his last surviving terminator charged into my demon prince and actually did quite well bogging him down for a turn, nothing could shoot as everything was either in combat or stunned.

Jack was tabled so he didn’t have a turn. In my turn I wiped out all of Rob’s units except for the Land raider. Rob went and managed to do very little with the crippled raider, this is when we ended the game.

It was great fun it really was thanks alot guys, although I do have to admit that everything went well for me, only allowing the enemy to claim a single kill point (one rhino). I think we should try a game like this again sometime but with 4 armies (1 in each quarter), it could prove to be a real bloody affair. Victory for CHAOS!

– Josh

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