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Typed all this up yesterday and then the internet decided to have a seizure and I lost the whole thing. It was really long. I now give you a condensed version because I am to frustrated to do the whole thing.

We have finally started a 40k league! To me this is amazing news. We actually kicked it off this past Sunday with some carnage games which I will be getting to in a moment. The league will be held every Sunday and entry is R20 (worth every penny). The design is in it’s infancy but we have some really exciting ideas to really make things interesting. Lets get onto the report of the first league event:

  • Ok so with 8 people showing up for Sunday we decided to go for 2 carnage games, the first would assign 4 random players to a board and the top two from each table would play off in the second round. The prize was the oh so delectable 25th anniversary model, this made the competition pretty fierce, but all the more enjoyable.
  • So in my first game I was on a table with Ian (Tau), Jasper (Ultrasmurfs) and Ryan (Ultrasmurfs painted green). Being pretty scared of the tau shooting I set my sights on their gunline and hurled a rhino full of Bezerkers at them, Ian if you are reading this I’m sorry about your kroot. My bezerkers along with some fire from my obliterators pretty pretty much ruined the day for tau. With Ian’s tau out the way and Jasper and Ryan’s smurfs throwing every kind of shooting at each other I managed to sneak my bezerkers onto the center of the board for first place. Second place went to Jasper, third to Ryan and fourth to Ian.
  • Not exactly sure what happened on the other table but I do know that Casper came out on top followed by Craig and his CSMs
  • So in the second round on the top table it my me with my Chaos, Casper with IG, Craig with chaos, and Jasper with Ultrasmurfs. To my horror Casper was fielding 2 Executioner Leman Russ tanks, I couldnt see a way in which I could blow them up myself so I recruited the two other players. Im not proud of it but yes it ended up being 3 armies against Casper, he put up a hell of a fight but I took 1st place with barely and inch to spare, if the game had gone on Im pretty sure Casper would have taken it. So for my unsportsmanlike conduct I took home the prize… karma will get me Im sure of it.

It was an excellent start to what I hope will be an excellent league. The points system doesn’t work on a basic win-loss-draw system you get points for having a painted army, and even just playing in a league game, which means that if you attend regularly you have a pretty good chance of ranking quite well. As I said things will be expanding as we go along so expect some crazy missions, alliances, and even HUGE multi-player apocolypse games.

Rob fourie, Glen, Little Jack, Phantom brother, Charl, I expect to see you guys at the next league day, you have no excuse except for phantom brother on account of the fact that he is invisible.

In other news the veterans tournament is fast approaching (24-25 March). Veterans is my favorite tournament of the year by far, 2500pts and insanely complex missions make for a very interesting tournament. Anyone who wants to get involved in this let me know and I will run through what you can expect and what you need. Veterans is not for the faint of heart. Jack and I are practicing constantly I advice anyone who wants to take part to do the same.

So thats all I have to say. As always please comment so that i know people are actually reading and let me know if there is anything you think i should write about. Cheers

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