40k Nationals

Hello all

Its that time of year when all the fanboys come out of their caves and throw down some dice. Yes the 2011 40k nationals are only 16 days away, and Im pretty excited. GET INVOLVED. It will be loads of fun, whether you are playing, entering models into the painting competition or just spectating. Yes indeed the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September will be a good one.

I strongly urge, if you have a 40k army, that you enter into the tournament, don’t be put off thinking that it will only be for the die hard competitive players. Also there is no better practice than playing in a tournament and there is no better tournament than nationals, so it stands to reason that if you play in nationals you will get so good you will develop telekinetic powers (true).

In all seriousness though, dont fear nationals, embrace it. This is my first time too. I intend to spend the coming days refining my list and getting as much practice as I can, I extend the invitation to you; if you need any advice, practice games, or general information please let me know. This may be my first nationals but it is not my first tournament and although I might not swing with the big boys like Brindley or Luca I like to think that I know a thing or two about throwing dice (just check my win loss thingy in the bogs).

So in short:

– Get excited

– Nationals is coming

– Im going to be there

– Youre going to be there

– Start practising

– Ask for help if you need it, I love helping

– Let me know if you want me to book a spot for you. (must be done ASAP)

P.S. @ the Boss or Mathew (or anyone who has friends really), please forward this to anyone who would be interested in taking part in nationals who could find it’s words enlightening or useful

P.P.S. I remember there being a plan for helderberg harbinger shirts. Is that still in the pipeline? It would be pretty stylish if we could roll into nationals dressed like the badasses we are

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