Adrian Smith’s HATE is now a Board Game on Kickstarter

HATE, the board game is a new Kickstarter by CMON. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world created by Adrian Smith and features brutal combat with amazing miniatures.

Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.

Hate box cover

Adrian Smith’s “Chronicles of HATE” graphic novel is the corner stone of the game, which sees tribes of warriors face off against one another for survival in the wastes. The game is for mature audiences and carries a 18+ age rating. Expect battles and the source material to be gruesome and explicit. The game starts with 4 gangs which battle in a campaign setting, with results carrying over to follow up games. Upgrade your village and warriors to gain an advantage over you opponents. A further 2 gangs have already been added as optional buys, making a 6 player campaign possible. Hopefully we’ll see some more.

As with most CMON Kickstarters the game has already been funded and we’re on to stretch goals being unlocked.

Game Contents:

Hate - board game contents

At the start of the campaign, the HATE core box includes:

51 Highly Detailed Miniatures
1 Game Board
32 Terrain Tiles
Over 100 Cardboard Tokens
32 Tribe Cards
51 Figure Cards
88 Transparent Upgrade/Scar Cards
44 Plastic Card Sleeves
6 Custom Dice
13 Counter Bases
5 Scenario Dashboards
1 Village Sheet Pad
1 Chronicle Sheet Pad
1 Rulebook

The stretch goals will add a number of free stuff so be sure to keep checking back. Pledges cost $120 and you can do so here.

Take a look at the miniatures for the tribes:

Um'Gra Tribe

Um’Gra Tribe

Um'Rak Tribe

Um’Rak Tribe

Um'Kator Tribe

Um’Kator Tribe

Um'Cal Tribe

Um’Cal Tribe

The Mercenary figures, and the imposing Tyrant.

The Mercenary figures, and the imposing Tyrant.

Tribe Um’Gra

Um'Gra Champion resin figure.

Um’Gra Champion resin figure.

Um'Gra Shaman resin figure.

Um’Gra Shaman resin figure.

Um'Gra Warrior resin figure 2

Um’Gra Warrior resin figure 2

Um'Gra Warrior resin figure 3

Um’Gra Warrior resin figure 3

Um'Gra Warrior resin figure

Um’Gra Warrior resin figure

Um'Gra Youngblood resin figure

Um’Gra Youngblood resin figure

Um'Gra Prince resin figure

Um’Gra Prince resin figure

Um'Gra Prince resin figure back

Um’Gra Prince resin figure back

The Um'Gra Prince next to an Um'Rak Warrior, for scale.

The Um’Gra Prince next to an Um’Rak Warrior, for scale.

Optional Buys

These tribes are available for and additional $25 each.

Sarrassa Tribe

Sarrassa Tribe

Um’Tull Tribe

Um'Tull Tribe

Um’Tull Tribe

Um'Tull Champion resin figure.

Um’Tull Champion resin figure.

Um'Tull Shaman resin figure

Um’Tull Shaman resin figure

Um'Tull Warrior resin figure 2

Um’Tull Warrior resin figure 2

Um'Tull Warrior resin figure 3

Um’Tull Warrior resin figure 3

Um'Tull Warrior resin figure.

Um’Tull Warrior resin figure.

Um'Tull Youngblood resin figure.

Um’Tull Youngblood resin figure.

Um'Tull Prince resin figure.

Um’Tull Prince resin figure.

Um'Tull Prince resin figure back

Um’Tull Prince resin figure back

Um'Tull Prince next to an Um'Rak Warrior, for scale.

Um’Tull Prince next to an Um’Rak Warrior, for scale.

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