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interclub 18/02/12

Just a quick little announcement. The BBSW is hosting a little interclub this Sunday against one of the other Cape Town clubs. As you know this clashes with the Sunday 40k league so that will be put on hold for this week, we just cant

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40k League

Typed all this up yesterday and then the internet decided to have a seizure and I lost the whole thing. It was really long. I now give you a condensed version because I am to frustrated to do the whole thing. We have finally started

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40k Regionals 3/4 Dec

Hello everyone, just finished the 40k regionals this weekend. Why were YOU not there? Next tournament it would be pretty cool if we got afew of us to attend. Ask anyone who was at the nationals, it was a fun weekend. As is the case

Hello again

I am speaking to all 4 of my readers. I apologise for not posting in awhile but that is a result of a) exams and b) I have no idea what to write about, help me out! I realise that there isn’t many of readers

Tournaments and You, #3

Yet another issue. Exams are keeping me busy with finding things to do for procrastination, this blog seems to be doing pretty well. I spoke to a few people on thursday and im pretty glad that everyone seem to be pretty happy with my posts.

The New Necron Codex

It has finally arrived, about 10 years late but at least its here. The Necron codex was released over the weekend, which is pretty good news for the toasters who were pretty tired of their outdated rules and limited fluff. As you can guess the

Necron Predictions

Hi Starting off a post like this is pretty difficult, so im going to jump right into it. I love 40k. Unfortunately as im sure you are all aware there has been a significant drop in interest in favour of; squares, little plastic space ships,

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40k Nationals Report Report

Good day fellow harbingers Well it’s Tuesday and I have recovered from the sheer awesomeness that was 2011 40k nationals. I shall start from the beginning. For those of you who don’t know Casper, Jack (the bigger one), rob, and myself took part and decided

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Need Bits!

I need you help guys As you are aware I will be rocking 40k nationals next weekend (you should be too). Unfortunately I am lacking some very specific bits which I need to convert my dreadnought, I dont want to loose the 2 tournie pts