Blood Bowl – The Game of Fantasy Football is Back!

Everyone has been really looking forward to the return of the specialist games range from GW. Lately a few rumors and images were spotted for Blood Bowl, and now GW has made it official with a new Facebook page dedicated to Blood Bowl! Here are some snippets and images from the page.

Here is a look at the first painted miniature of the new set.

Gouged Eye Orcs - Blood Bowl

Gouged Eye Orcs – Blood Bowl

“A new edition of Blood Bowl is on its way soon. Keep an eye on this page for all the updates and news on the new season as we have it.”

Check out the official Blood Bowl Facebook page.

Blood Bowl On Facebook

Blood Bowl On Facebook

There are even some familiar faces to help us get psyched – meet Jim and Bob.

Jim and Bob Art - Blood Bowl

Jim and Bob Art – Blood Bowl

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