Blood of the Phoenix Set Revealed

If you’re and Eldar or Dark Eldar  (or Aeldari ^^ as they are known now) then it’s time to get excited as GW has got a pretty good new release for you. Blood of the Phoenix is a new set which pits these two factions against one another as the first installment of their Psychic Awakening narrative in Warhammer 40K. The set includes the teased new sculpts and plastic kits for Banshees, Incubi and two re-imagined characters – .

Blood of the Phoenix Set

Blood of the Phoenix Contents

Blood of the phoenix contentsLooks like the set will contain:

  • 1x Jain Zar
  • 5x New Banshees
  • 1x Falcon
  • 1x Viper
  • 1x Drazhar
  • 5x New Incubi
  • 5x Scourges
  • 1x Venom
  • 5x Hellions

Jain Zar New Miniature Drazhar New Miniature New Banshees New Incubi

Looks like pre-orders start this week, which should mean a 19 October 2019 release date. Not long now 😀


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