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GW Unveils New Be’lakor Miniature!

It’s been quite awhile in the making but GW just teased the new Be’lakor miniature – and it’s a great one! The rework also bumped up his size by quite a lot. Let’s take a look at the awesome new miniature. From he warhammer community

Zombicide dead or alive

Zombicide: Undead or Alive Now on Kickstarter

The folks at CMON is at it again with another take on the Zombicide Franchise. This time we’re heading to the Wild West and it looks like they’ve added a few mechanics. As always the project is already funded and a big number of stretch

New Year’s Open Day at Warhammer World 2019

Warhammer World recently open their doors to tabletop gamers from all over the world for Open Day. This is a great event for seeing what Games Workshop has planned for coming months. This one didn’t disappoint – here’s what got revealed. Bloodbowl saw goblins finally

New Warriors Of Chaos Pics!

Good, Evening. Apologies for the lack of input. Work has been shit busy of late. Nice to see some new releases for Fantasy, especially the War Shrine and Valkia the Bloody. The “Festus the Leechlord” is simply fantastic!!! I have not really kept up with

White Dwarf October 2012

  In the October issue you’ll find: New Releases – The Chaos Space Marines return with legions of brilliant new miniatures and a new Codex. See what we think of them in the New Releases section, accompanied by exciting new photography. Also, see what’s new

Chaos Space Marine Preorders are Live!!!

Good Morning. Yes, people, finally the long awaited day is here. May Mammon be on your side…this will be a costly venture 🙂 Death to the False Emperor! From their Website: Advanced Orders: Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Chaos Space Marines – Limited Edition The

Long Live White Dwarf!

Hello. A decent pic of the new White Dwarf cover and of course a better angle of the stunning Maulerfiend. I have been collecting White Dwarf for longer than I care to remember, tomorrow will be a glorious day indeed 🙂 Enjoy! All names, trademarks,

Yet More Forge World Releases Games Day UK 2012

Good Evening. Not surprising that the tickets for this years GD has sold out. From their Website: Forge World Visual Feed – Genesis of a Primarch: Angron the Red Angel – with Simon Egan Angron The red Angel Cataphractii Armoured Terminators Cataphractii Terminator Special

More Forge World Releases Games Day UK 2012

Hello. More Forge World images of betrayal and other new releases! From their Website: Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Typhon Heavy Siege Tank Scimitar Pattern Space Marine Legion Jetbike MKII Legion Shoulder Pad sets MKIV Legion Shoulder Pad sets Space

Give Praise To Chaos

Hello. GW has posted that Codex: Chaos Space Marines will be available for pre-order on Saturday 22nd September. The latest video feed from GW: Yes, people, more images from the soon to be released Chaos Space Marines! Thanks to BramGaunt & warseer. These models