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Dread umm… Ork Sighted!!

Look at what’s been floating around on BOLS.  Great conversion and awesome paint job – those Orks sure know how to loot!  You can check out some more WIP pictures and  other angles here.  PS – Gotta love the Grey Knight dangling at the back

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Updated list of discontinued Games Workshop metal figurines

Hello, again. For those that don’t know, there has been some talk (or rather rumours) about GW wanting to move  away from metal figures and adopting a complete plastic and maybe even resin philosophy. Thanks to E Figures Distribution, here is the latest list of defunct

White Dwarf #375

Hello, all. If any of you have friends or family affected by the weekend’s unfortunate fire, may the situation change for the better. On a less sombre note, White Dwarf #375 is available at CNA in the Somerset Mall. Retailing at R29.95. Cannot complain. Given

Behold the Glory of the Tomb Kings…

Good, Evening. I am not sure how many of you frequent, but a certain member on their forum managed to obtain some fantastic images of some of the new range being unleashed upon the Warhammer world. Let us all say together: Arigatou gozaimasu Hitsugaya

How To Roll Citadel Dice!

    Released today is How to Roll Citadel Dice, a 126-page full-colour guide containing everything you ever need to know about rolling dice to improve your battles.  Never lose a game again, check it out now!

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Moving up in the World…

Hi Guys, In case you didn’t get the mail…we are moving club venues!! Battle Bunker has opened a shop in Somerset West and asked if we would like to use it for our venue.   So as of this coming Thursday (31 March 2011) we

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Hello all

How is everyone doing? I have a huge project to do on the interpretation of statues, so I thought it would be a great time to post something on the blog, I couldn’t think of anything so I will just be making it up as