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Firestorm Armada – Players Wanted

Hello. As alluded to in the header of this post, we (that would be Charl and I) are trying to get a gaming league up and running for Firestorm Armada. When I say league, probably more a group of like minded individuals willing to throw some dice

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Welcome back

Salutations everyone Firstly I need to apologise for the compete lack of updates for the past couple of weeks, but I hope to change things with this post. Lets jump right into it shall we. NEW FLYERS!!! That’s right the long awaited flyers are

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40k Boot Camp

Attention all new players I have brought it up a couple of times but I think its time to actually start making things happen. I want to start a little training session once a week for new 40k players to help them along and get

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After a quick google search (during a lecture) I came across a few places which might be able to help us with the printing of the t-shirts, everyone have a look and discuss ASAP so that we can hopefully get some shirts before 40k nationals

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40k Nationals

Hello all Its that time of year when all the fanboys come out of their caves and throw down some dice. Yes the 2011 40k nationals are only 16 days away, and Im pretty excited. GET INVOLVED. It will be loads of fun, whether you

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Thursday 12th May – Necromunda Starting Up!

Thats right folks, we will be playing some Necromunda this Thursday! Shout if you do not have the rules yet, I can email them! Then build a gang or two, so we can get around to head stomping! Charl, is it possible to post those

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Orkz Loookin’ for a bashin’

Hey all you pasty gitZ… Me lookin’ to bash some heads wit me new crewz of boyz. One thouzands and sevin hundrad plus fi’vty of dem!!!! WAAAAAGGGGHHHHH Any of you dumb one’z braves enuff?!?

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Board Gaming Holiday – 25th April 2011

That’s righ folks… we are dedicating a whole day to the joys of boardgaming!!! Come spend a day at the shop, playing all your favourite games… Everything from RISK to DOOM.  If you got a cool game at home, bring it along. Be Board or

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Moving up in the World…

Hi Guys, In case you didn’t get the mail…we are moving club venues!! Battle Bunker has opened a shop in Somerset West and asked if we would like to use it for our venue.   So as of this coming Thursday (31 March 2011) we