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Super Dungeon Explore: Legends on Kickstarter

Super Dungeon Explore is a fast paced, action board game inspired by JRPGs. It’s been around for a while and Soda Pop miniatures has deemed it time to update the basic version with the new 2nd Edition box and add more depth with the Legends

Scythe Board Game on Kickstarter

Scythe is a new 1 – 5 player board game currently on Kickstarter. The game has been designed by Jamey Stegmaier (Viticulture & Euphoria) and has been based on the Jakub Rozalski’s art. It already smashed it’s funding goal. Check out the Kickstarter video below.

Dark Skies 1942

Dark Skies 1942 on Kickstarter

Dark Skies 1942  is an alternate WWII aerial wargame by Resin Horse Games. It’s currently on Kickstarter, check out the intro video below.   Dark Skies 1942 Dark Skies 1942 is a two-player 15mm fantasy miniatures aerial wargame. The remaining world powers battle against

River and Keanu - Gamma Team

The Forces of FAITH Miniatures Showcase

The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter project is almost done. This post takes a look at the Forces of FAITH painted by Studio McVey thus far. If you would like to know more about the Others boardgame then checkout our post on the Kickstarter project here.

Corrupted Hobo Acolytes

The 7 Sins Miniatures Showcase

Update: You can now buy The Others: 7 Sins on  The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter is nearing it’s end. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing miniatures that have been painted by Studio McVey. This post will feature on the 7 Sins painted miniatures

Darklands: Savage Hordes on Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter to expand on the Darklands miniatures game. Darklands: Savage Hordes aims to get miniatures armed with missile weapons on to the tabletop as along with a Savage Hordes muster book. There is a number of pledge options available including whether

The Others 7 SIns Board Game

The Others: 7 Sins on Kickstarter

Update 2015/10/05 You can now buy The Others: 7 Sins on The Kickstarter has smashed the $1 million mark and all 7 sins have been unlocked. Here’s what you get for a $100 pledge. Also you can check out some of the painted miniatures

Trove - The Crystal Caverns

Trove: The Crystal Caverns Now on Kickstarter

Trove is a new 2 – 4 player board game up on Kickstarter. Trove sets out to reinvent or at least spice up the classic cave-crawling adventure. Gone are the days of banding together to defeat the game. This game centers on asymmetry, meaning that

Parllax Warbands

Parallax: Warbands on Kickstarter

Parallax: Warbands is a new fast-paced skirmish miniatures game now on Kickstarter. Players compete with warbands and try to claim their own objectives while foiling your opponent’s plans. Warbands are made up of 4 – 8 models and you can use miniatures from any of

Treasure Hunter Card Game

Treasure Hunter Card Game on Kickstarter

Treasure Hunter is a new Richard Garfield card drafting game by Queen Games.  2 – 6 players must get as many treasures and coins as they can over a 5 round game. With the victor being the wealthiest Treasure Hunter. The game plays in 35