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Omnidyne Dreadnought Group

New Omnidyne Sets for Firestorm Armada

The Omnidyne is a branch company of the Directorate and as such has strong ties to the Zenian League. The new releases include Reinforcements, Support and Dreadnought groups.  These will be available in June from Spartan Games. The set costs £38 and includes: 6 x

Xelocian Dreadnought Group

New Xelocian Fleet Sets Coming April 27th

Spartan Games has posted their April pre-orders and it’s good to see that the Xelocians get some new box sets for Firestorm Armada. The box sets will be available from the 27th of April an you can pre-order now from the Spartan Games shop.  The

Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada Invasion Fleet Boxed Sets

Spartan Games has a bunch of new Firestorm Armada Invasion Fleet boxed sets up for pre-order. All the main factions are getting one. These new kits have been designed to bridge the Firestorm space battles with the the ground assault of Planetfall. Each box set

The Copernicus Class Ore Refinery Ship

Hello. Nice to see more civilian entries for FA 🙂 From their Website: The Copernicus Class Ore Refinery Ship is a common sight in the asteroid fields and planetary belts of a thousand systems across the galactic sector. The ship was designed by Hawker

The Shadow Of The Syracusia

Hello. Dindrenzi players rejoice! From their Website: Feared By All Written by Spartan Games | Tags: Firestorm Armada As the great Dindrenzi Invasion Armadas blasted their way into the Tarxon system, scattered amongst their number was a class of ship that was initially unrecognised


Hello. Another great entry from Spartan Games. This time a fuck-off big floating prison dreadnought! 🙂 From their Website: The justice systems of the more settled parts of the Terran Alliance no longer practice capital punishment as a rule, even for the most heinous

Omni-Dynamics Systems

Hello. Another monster in the form of the OmniDyne – Foundry Class Dreadnought! From their Website: Omni-Dynamics Systems, or OmniDyne, stands upon a knife-edge between overwhelming success and utter devastation. A failed project left the company hugely in debt to Works Raptor, but if

The Vylia’sal Syndicate

More goodness coming from the soon to be released “Marauders of the Rift”. From their Website: The ruthless Vylia’sal Syndicate has dominated the volatile and wild region of space known as the Rift for more than fifty years. Once it was simply another player in