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Firestorm Armada New Releases

Hello. Some new releases from Spartan! Really like the new Mk II releases 🙂 Where are the Ba’Kash Battleships? Enjoy! All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. Zenian League; Ba’Kash Frigates Oroshan Imperium: Defiler Class Cruisers Aquan Prime: Hydra Mk II Class

The Wondrous Homeworlds

Hello. Some pics of painted versions of the new Dindrenzi Federation Nausicaa Mk II Battleship and the Zenian Alliance: RSN Banshee Class Dreadnought &  RSN Bulwark Class Frigates and the Ba’Kash Sharnak Class Cruiser! Included are the new Aquan Prime Barracuda Class Frigates. The painted

The Oroshan

Hello. A nice surprise from Spartan for Firestorm Armada in the form of a new race: the Oroshan. From their blog: For a millennia the Oroshan Imperium has lingered in despair. Lost in the vastness of space, this nomadic race is a danger to any

Thank You Spartan.

Shit, just when we thought Spartan Games has abandoned all else for Dystopian Wars, they present a pleasantry in the shape of new Firestorm Armada goodies 🙂 A good time to be a follower of the Dindrenzi Federation or Aquan Prime, including releases for the

The Dreadnoughts and Destroyers have arrived

The new Dreadnoughts and Destroyers will finally be available from Wednesday 30th November. Thanks to tabletopgamingnews. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. From their Website: It is an exciting time for fans of our Firestorm Armada space combat game as available

Firestorm Armada Dreadnoughts

Good, Evening. Finally, the size comparison of the last of the new Firestorm Armada Dreadnoughts. These include the Dindrenzi Federation – Retribution Class Dreadnought; Relthoza – Apex Class Dreadnought and last the Directorate – Persecution Class Dreadnought. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their

Printable Starfields

Hello. Something handy for all those Firestorm Armada fans, or should I dare say Full Thrust in the same breath 🙂 Corsec Engineering together with Wargame Vault have made available printable starfields. Each PDF contains a printable 108″ by 58″ mat and 72″ by 42″ mat. They

It is all in the Size!

(1) Hello. Spartan Games has been kind enough to showcase the size comparison of the new Medusa, Titan and Broadsword class Dreadnoughts compared to their race-specific Battleships. We have seen the CAD-rendered models before and now finally the actual models! Wow!!! (1) The lovely Minase

New Firestorm Armada community site

Hello. Some welcome news after the previous community site, Fathoms Reach, expired. The new one is called The Black Ocean. Thanks to Tabletopgamingnews. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. Enjoy! 🙂

Retribution, anyone?

Hello. Some more hobby goodness from Spartan Games. The Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought – yes please. Thanks to Spartan Games. All images property of Spartan Games. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought (top