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Military Orders Action Pack

Corvus Belli Announces New Military Orders Miniatures

Corvus Belli just released a whole bunch of new miniatures for PanOceania Military Orders in Infinity the game. This comes in the form of an Military Order action pack, Knight of Montessa set and a Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza Limited edition miniature. It’s great to see one

operation kaldstrom box set

Operation: Kaldstrøm Battle Pack Revealed

Corvus Belli has revealed a new 2 player starter set, Operation: Kaldstrøm. The box set contains 14 miniatures, for Yu-Jing and PanOceania – but what makes this set special is the release of a CodeOne ruleset which is aimed at new comers to the game.


Infinity Defiance Now on Kickstarter!

Corvus Belli has launched their first Kickstarter project – Inifnity Defiance. It’s a Dungeon Crawler set in the Infinity Universe and looks to be a great entry point for new players into the Infinity universe. All the miniature will also be usable in the full

Operarion Wildfire Art

Operation: Wildfire Coming August 2019

Operation: Wildfire Battle Pack is the brand new 2 player set coming for Infinity the Game in August. The box will contain 14 miniatures for O-12(a brand new faction) and the re-imagining of the Shasvastii for the Combined army. Here’s what’s included in the box:

Fast Offensive Unit Zondnautica

New Infinity Releases July 2019

Let’s take a look at all the new miniatures coming in July 2019. Have to say that the Nomad Zondnautica unit steals the show. Such a cool model. But good to see Tohaa(Spiral Corps) also getting an addition to the new range and let’s net

JSA box

Infinity Uprising and JSA Army Pack Spotted

April brings us two new huge releases for Infinity the game. First up a new book Uprising which advances the plot in the Infinity universe and then a new Army Box for the JSA – now the Japanese Secessionist Army! Pre-orders run up to the

Infinity Mar Releases

March Releases for Infinity

Check out the latest miniatures for Inifinity. The March release even includes a new Dire Foes mission pack – Candy Cloud, which sees Ariadna square off against the Combined Army. All the images for the new releases are below: You can head over to the

Operation: Red Veil Starter Box Set

New Infinity Starter Set Operation: Red Veil

Corvus Belli has revealed Operation: Red Veil for Infinity. It’s a new starter set for two players which contains the brand new Yu Jing and Haqqislam Starter Packs. The set also includes two exclusive miniatures (one per faction) and has an exclusive pre-order figure bundled

Onyx Contact Force

Infinity Onyx Starter Force and Xeodron Batroids

This batch of Infinity releases are all about the Combined Army. The Onyx Starter Force was put together as a good foundation for new players and the Xeodron Batroids will make an awesome addition to any Combined Army. Onyx Starter Force The starter contains 300