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Ariadna Desperadoes, Front View - Infinity

New Infinity Releases For January

There are a bunch of new models out for Infinity. The Ariadna, Panoceania, Yujing, Haqqislam and the Combined army gets new miniatures. The Ariadna gets Desperadoes, Panoceania gets Svalarheima Nisses, Yujing gets the Hac Tao Special Unit, Haqqislam the Hassassins Govads and the Combined army

Special Deterrance Group Azra'il - Haqqislam

Check Out The Infinity November Pre-Orders

November brings another bunch of great releases from Corvus Belli for Infinity. The Azra’il, Seraphs and Guijia Squadrons look really amazing. You can check out this post on the Corvus Belli site if you would like to know what went into the re-sculpting of the

Kosuil Assault Pioneers in Scenery - Infinity

September Releases for Infinity

The guys over at Corvus Belli keep putting out some amazing miniatures for Infinity. Here is September’s releases. The Panoceania, Combined Army, Haqqislam, Tohaa and Nomads each get some goods. The paint jobs are really top notch and I especially like Hunzakuts and Drones. Check

Infinity August Releases Spotted

Corvus Belli has posted their latest releases for Infinity. These should be up on the store pretty soon. The USAriadna Grunts comes with some special weapon options and was also available in the starter force a while back. The Aleph gets a new engineer with

USAriadna Army Pack Contents

USAriadna Army Pack Revealed for Infinity

Corvus Belli is launching a new USAriadna army pack for Infinity. The starter pack costs €89.95 and will be available from mid August. Check out the video below for all the details. USAriadna Army Pack Contents Included in the army pack is:  9 minis (+1 extra during the pre-order)


New Infinity Releases for June

Corvus Belli has posted their new Infinity releases for June. Rejoice if you collect Aleph, Nomads, Haqqislam, Combined Army or Panoceania. Check out the releases below. The miniatures and their paint jobs are amazing and I keep wondering why I haven’t started my Haqqislam force yet.

Infinity Operation: Icestorm Teased

Corvus Belli has teased Infinity Ice Storm over on their facebook page. It looks to be a 2 faction starter set. I have been meaning to get into Infinity for a while now and this might be just the thing to make me take the