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Firestorm Armada – Players Wanted

Hello. As alluded to in the header of this post, we (that would be Charl and I) are trying to get a gaming league up and running for Firestorm Armada. When I say league, probably more a group of like minded individuals willing to throw some dice

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Looking for 40K games at 1750 points level asap

This is a shout-out to all 40K players who can field 1750 points.  I’m looking for games at that points level in order to practice for the Cape Regionals tounament which is set down for 23/24 June 2012 .  I’m available to play this coming

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Carnage – 14/07/2011

Hi all,   Warren is looking to setup a 40k carnage on Thursday.  750 points, free for all – goodness.  Let him know if you are interested or post in the comments so that we can see whether people are keen.   Thanks  

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Looking for a game this thursday

Hello all Would anyone be interested in taking on some grey knights this thursday? It should howver be said that I will be playing a list very similar to the one I used last week (20 paladins) which I know isnt very much fun, but

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Looking for a game Saturday 28 May

After last month’s close run civil-war thing against Rob’s Space Marines, my own Ultramarines are back (with some new kit!) and looking for a game coming Saturday afternoon (28 May). Any takers? David Davidson

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Orkz Loookin’ for a bashin’

Hey all you pasty gitZ… Me lookin’ to bash some heads wit me new crewz of boyz. One thouzands and sevin hundrad plus fi’vty of dem!!!! WAAAAAGGGGHHHHH Any of you dumb one’z braves enuff?!?

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Looking for a game Thursday 28 Apr

Hi all – sorry about short notice, wasn’t sure till tonight if I was going to be here this week. As per subject, am looking for a 40k game tomorrow (or probably today when you read this), Thurs 28 April. I have a 1650pts Space

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Looking for 3 games (thurs 21/04)

Hello all Firstly I’m sorry that I couldnt make it last night but law is alot harder than I thought, I’m writing criminal procedure tomorrow at 9am which is not ayoba and it mean I will be unable to attend the carnage tomorrow. However if