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Celebrating The New…

Good, Evening. Just wishing all you GW fan boys well on this glorious day! Lol, let me rephrase this, all you GW fan boys lucky enough to own or have seen the new book. May your chosen god(s) bless every dice you own 🙂 I

Firestorm Armada – Players Wanted

Hello. As alluded to in the header of this post, we (that would be Charl and I) are trying to get a gaming league up and running for Firestorm Armada. When I say league, probably more a group of like minded individuals willing to throw some dice

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Magic, yes the cards

I know this blog is dedicated to tabletop gaming but this ties in with that, I swear. Keep reading So I have fallen off the wagon and have started buying magic cards again, this has gotten me thinking over the last few days. Its clear

Cheers, All You Happy People :)

Good, Morning. Just want to say cheers to all at Harbingers. I am off on a trip to the wonderful isle of Formosa. Sadly no official Games Workshop presence in the country, but they have no shortage of distributors 🙂 I’ll post some updates regarding

New GW Citadel Paints Reviewed

The hatred seems to be growing towards the new range of paints from GW. All comments are the opinion of the individuals doing the reviews. I do not take these as gospel, although the reviewers clearly know what they are talking about by just looking


Hello. Those familiar with the original GW Talisman and the later iterations produced by Fantasy Flight Games, should be smiling. Apparently announced at the recent Gama trade show, Relic is rumoured to be released this summer? The game uses unpainted busts as playing pawns with

Tyranid Size Comparison

Hello. Found this nice chart on hive zero. Thanks to hive zero + Reddit + their Spanish source. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. Enjoy! 🙂  

Internet Rage = Tyranid Tervigon

Hello. New close-up pics of the Tervigon. Thanks to Warseer & RedemptionNL. I don’t collect Tyranids, but what is not to like about this model? As people are alluding to, is this a new MC class entry, size-wise? That thing is HUGE… There seem to

R.I.P.: Jerry Robinson

Hello. It has been reported that Jerry Robinson, best known by fans for creating the Joker, co-creating Robin, Two-Face and Alfred – died in his sleep last night. Respect for what you have done. Thanks to, Christopher Irving’s Graphic NYC blog and LA Times’