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Hello again

I am speaking to all 4 of my readers. I apologise for not posting in awhile but that is a result of a) exams and b) I have no idea what to write about, help me out! I realise that there isn’t many of readers

May the Eye of Thundera guide you.

Hello. Yes, the new pilot episode of the seminal Thundercats animated show made its debut at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. Based on the classic 1980s original. Animated by Studio 4°C. Everybody please smile. You know you want to 🙂 Enjoy! All names, trademarks,

GW September Mystery Box..?

Hello. A new posting on BOLS pointing to the contents of the mystery box being Man-o-War? Who knows? Hopefully the rumours regarding Blood Bowl are true (please)? It makes more sense than Man-o-War. Spartan Games has a strong contender in the form of Uncharted Seas.