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Welcome back

Salutations everyone Firstly I need to apologise for the compete lack of updates for the past couple of weeks, but I hope to change things with this post. Lets jump right into it shall we. NEW FLYERS!!! That’s right the long awaited flyers are

Necron Predictions

Hi Starting off a post like this is pretty difficult, so im going to jump right into it. I love 40k. Unfortunately as im sure you are all aware there has been a significant drop in interest in favour of; squares, little plastic space ships,


Hello. From their website: First announced at Games Day Chicago back in July, we can now confirm that the brand new Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition Expansion book will be available to buy in limited numbers at Games Day UK, priced at £26. This book

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Welcome to the Helderberg Harbingers! Make us your number one stop for anything to do with Warhammer in the Helderberg area!