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Plastic Ruined Hamlet

Hello. A first for this blog, it was only a matter of time before the extremely versatile Warlord Games featured on this here site. Those familiar with Games Workshop will recognize some of the people affiliated with the company, from John Stallard, Paul Sawyer, Mark

Are You Dead, Yet…

Hello, fellow corpse-lovers. Some inspiration for the tabletop. For those of you wanting to paint some lovely Vargheist and / or Crypt Horrors (here’s looking at you, Matthew), please follow the link provided. Jarrett from has posted some amazing footage of how he approached

Happy Christmas

Lucky Star property of Kagami Yoshimizu and Kadokawa Shoten.   Hello. Would just like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas. May you have a blessed time with your family and loved ones. To those who are leaving home, please travel safely. Whether you celebrate Christmas

Tournaments and You, #3

Yet another issue. Exams are keeping me busy with finding things to do for procrastination, this blog seems to be doing pretty well. I spoke to a few people on thursday and im pretty glad that everyone seem to be pretty happy with my posts.