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Warhammer Fest 2021 Reveals

We’ll be keeping an eye on all the new releases happening this week. Warhammer Fest has moved online this year and now spans a week, with each day focusing on an element of Games Workshop. So check back each day for more reveals or keep

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Warhammer Previews from The Community Site

With more and more of the world going into lock down to minimize the effects of the Covid-19 virus Games Workshop decided to a couple of online previews of new releases they’ve been working on. I really enjoyed the previews and following along on Twitch

Prophecy of the Wolf Starter Set

Prophecy of the Wolf battlebox Revealed

Games Workshop has has revealed a new two player boxset – Prophecy of the Wolf. In it Ragnar Blackmane and his brothers face off against the might Ghazkull and horde of Orks. We finally get new sculpts for both of the heroes and both are

Blood of the Phoenix Set

Blood of the Phoenix Set Revealed

If you’re and Eldar or Dark Eldar  (or Aeldari ^^ as they are known now) then it’s time to get excited as GW has got a pretty good new release for you. Blood of the Phoenix is a new set which pits these two factions

New Primaris Space Marine Reinforcements

Space Marine players are in for a treat with all the new Primaris releases just around the corner. The new codex for Primaris Space Marines have been announced as well as supplement codes for a number of chapters. And as always along with a new

Sanguinius Horus Heresy Miniature

Sanguinius Model Revealed

Sanguinius is the next primarch to join the Horus Heresy series from Forge World. And there will even be two version of the miniature – the normal and a special edition that features a alternate display base. Both versions will be available to buy at

New Year’s Open Day at Warhammer World 2019

Warhammer World recently open their doors to tabletop gamers from all over the world for Open Day. This is a great event for seeing what Games Workshop has planned for coming months. This one didn’t disappoint – here’s what got revealed. Bloodbowl saw goblins finally

Imperial Knights: Renegades 2018 box

Imperial Knights: Renegade Boxed Game

Update: 04/6/2018 There is a new Imperial Knights: Renegade box coming for 2018.  Once again two Imperial Knights are included in the box but with a new piece of terrain this time. The set costs £120 and will be available from 09/06/2018. Here’s what you

40k Forgebane Art

Forgebane Battle Box Revealed!

Forgebane is the latest Battle Box offering from Games Workshop. It pits the Adeptus Mechanicus against the Necrons and will make a great starting point for both armies. It will also include 2 Knight Armiger Warglaives miniatures and the a new Cryptek sculpt. “In Forgebane,

Spacehulk tactics Screenshot2

Space Hulk: Tactics Video Game Announced

Cyanide Studio has just revealed that they are making the Space Hulk: Tactics video game. They’ve brought Blood Bowl to life on the screen quite spectacularly and I’m quite happy having them at the helm for another GW gem. Engage in bloody battles through an