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Dread umm… Ork Sighted!!

Look at what’s been floating around on BOLS.  Great conversion and awesome paint job – those Orks sure know how to loot!  You can check out some more WIP pictures and  other angles here.  PS – Gotta love the Grey Knight dangling at the back

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Looking for 3 games (thurs 21/04)

Hello all Firstly I’m sorry that I couldnt make it last night but law is alot harder than I thought, I’m writing criminal procedure tomorrow at 9am which is not ayoba and it mean I will be unable to attend the carnage tomorrow. However if

How To Roll Citadel Dice!

    Released today is How to Roll Citadel Dice, a 126-page full-colour guide containing everything you ever need to know about rolling dice to improve your battles.  Never lose a game again, check it out now!

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Looking for grey knights game

Yes you read right, I wish to have a go at grey knights. So is there anyone out there who would be keen for a game against these most badass of marines. I obviously don’t have the models so it will be a huge proxy

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Veterens report back

Hello all As you all know Chris and I competed in the veterans tournie over the weekend, it was awesome. The tournament was based on some others from America and the UK. There were 5 games of 2500pts each and were of a rather advanced nature consisting

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The BIG 2500pt game

Come one and all, read about how I lost miserably. Ok so Chris and I played a large 2500pt game in preperation for the veterans touranament next weekend, it didn’t go to well for chaos. Sadly I don’t have much time and must get to

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This Thursday is Carnage Night (3 March 2011)

Right the rules are simple… Gather 750pts of your force, which must contain at least one HQ and one TROOP choice… Rock up on Thursday with a “kill or be killed” attitude Up to six players on one larger than life table The one standing

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Snow basing

Hello everyone. One of the things that counts for points used for determing a winner at the epic veterans tournament which is comming up is that your whole army is based. Nothing in my army is based. So I got to work on that this

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Need a game

Since i didn’t have a game last week im freaking out and starting to develop a twitch in my left side. Please help me out, let me know if you would be up for a 1650pt game this Thursday (24/02/11). Thanks – Josh