Club Meeting: The Decisions

On the 19th of April, down at Ye Olde Battle Bunker, the gathering of the tribes have made a few decisions everyone should be aware of.

We have some positions filled so that everyone can get organised:

Chairman – Josh
Secretary and Fundraising- Big Jack
Head of 40k organisation – Josh
Head of Fantasy organisation – Alex
Head of LotR, Boardgames, Necromunda, etc. – Rob B.
Terrain – Rob F.

These guys are in charge of organising interclubs, workshops, etc. for their respective fields.

Next, we’ve merged all the clubs into one. Maurauders, Harbingers and Slayers are now one big happy family! However, we need a name. Suggestions so far: Keep it Helderberg Harbingers, Space Dragons. If you have a better idea, let us know ASAP!

More interclubs are on the cards. We won’t be calling them
“Regionals”, because that’s just silly.

The terrain dispute seems to be sorted. With the new big club everything will be shared by everyone. In the same breath, people using the terrain are expected to contribute to new ones.

AAAAND I think that’s everything.

Please excuse the blunt post, but I’m doing this on my phone and it enjoys being difficult. 🙂

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