Dread umm… Ork Sighted!!

Look at what’s been floating around on BOLS.  Great conversion and awesome paint job – those Orks sure know how to loot!  You can check out some more WIP pictures and  other angles here.  PS – Gotta love the Grey Knight dangling at the back xD GW has has recently released the awesome Gorkanaut and Morkanaut.

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2 thoughts on “Dread umm… Ork Sighted!!”

  1. mwdenton says:

    I will take one please 🙂

    1. thusdefiled says:

      WTF!!! 🙁 Thanks for setting my ambitions to zero. Love the use of the Defiler bits in the right-arm, though 🙂
      Orks, gotta lov’ em.

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