Firestorm Armada


Apologies for posting on something that does not fall within the scope of Games Workshop, but this model is simply to amazing not to.

As mentioned before, this is the game that Charl and I, and soon to  be Robert and Casper, are preparing to have a go at.

This particular vessel belongs to a race known as the Jowrion, in service to both the Alliance of Kurak and the Zenian League.

The game uses models to the scale of 1/10000.

This monster, Perditor [Destroyer] Class Leviathan, comes in at an amazing 22cm, making it the biggest ship thus far for the game, using 4 flight pegs to keep it suspended upright!

For those interested in Firestorm Armada, please visit

The best of all, these photos are of work-in-progress shots of the model.


Thanks to and Spartan Games.


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