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As alluded to in the header of this post, we (that would be Charl and I) are trying to get a gaming league up and running for Firestorm Armada. When I say league, probably more a group of like minded individuals willing to throw some dice in the name of space combat.

To start off with, the only requirement a painted starter fleet, and I shall provide a table with a space battle mat (simply durable thick black felt) and some scenery.

It has been a while since we mentioned an interest in the game and some of you purchased some fleets. I can only hope that some games were played and the interest kept alive…

I was under the impression that Spartan Games had forsaken their other systems in favour of Dystopian Wars, but they have since released a 2nd edition hardcover rulebook for Uncharted Seas with new models for all the races represented, and now the same for Firestorm Armada. A 2nd edition hardcover rulebook to be released at the end of this month, plus all the beautiful Mk II ships and new releases for the respective supporting races, so the game is definitely alive and kicking!

I have recently spoken to Casper and he had a Battleship to finish off. Robert, if I remember correctly your Directorate starter was finished? Glen & Rijn, I am not sure whether you still have your fleets? Please let me know should any of you be interested in getting the game up and running.  I’ll still have chat with Mr Robert B regarding available gaming nights, or whether we should aim for an afternoon during weekends, the tables are nice and small, 4  feet, so space is not a factor. This will all depend on interest in getting the game off the ground?

I am placing an order at the end of the month, if anyone is interested in purchasing some goodies, please let me know.

Looking forward to some gaming 🙂

Cheers for now.

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