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With the end of the year fast approaching, GW army deals once again make their appearance.

These include the following, Space Marines, Dark Eldar, High Elf and Skaven.

Why the Fantasy entries include High Elf and Skaven is beyond me seeing that the boxed version of the game ships with both these armies?

 The pictures are not the best quality and the list of contents I have listed here might not be the exact contents. We shall have to wait for the details of these closer to release.

 Space Marine – 35 miniatures

2x Tactical squads (this is where the confusion lies, as the one squads is pictured with a lascannon?)

5 Scouts

1x Command Squad

1x Commander

1x Venerable Dreadnought

1x Land Raider Crusader

1x Land Speeder Storm

1x Drop pod

 Dark Eldar – 47 miniatures

1x Reaver

1x Ravager

1x Venom

9 Jetbikes

5 Scourges

10 Warriors

20 Wyches

 High Elf – 84 miniatures

25x Spearmen

20x Archers

20x White Lions

10x Dragon Princes

1x Lord on Dragon

1x Chariot

 Skaven – 113 miniatures

1x ScreamingBell/ Furnace

1x Warp Lightning Cannon / Catapult

1x Rat Ogre kit

1x Giant Rat Kit

40x Clanrats

40x Storm Vermin

 These are all due before the end of the year.

 Thanks to pjschard, poncho160 and BramGaunt & Warseer and Natfka & Faeit212.

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