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Howdy, People.

Survived the incredible place that is Formosa. I would just like to thank the people of Taiwan that helped to make my stay all the more memorable. Amy & Ray, Anny, Ferlin and Yee, here is looking at you!

Yep, the big news is that GW has entered the digital realm. I can only hope that the digital Codex releases will coincide with the hard copy releases, limiting the waiting period for those outside the UK 🙂

I still prefer a hard copy over digital release but who’s complaining.

To be released this month with new items added monthly, latest releases:

* Codex: Space Marine

* How to paint Citadel Miniatures – Ultramarines

* Battlefield Challenge – Deathknell Watch

* Scrolls of Binding (Terradon, Stonehorn, Thundertusk, Jabberslyth, Giant Cave Squig, Mournfang)

As always, a thumbs’ up to GW.

Now for 6th Ed…:)


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