Goodies announced at US Games Day.


Plenty of new releases announced at GD US, particularly these (no excuses, I like Skaven, Dark Eldar and Dreadnoughts).

Please follow the link to view all the video footage on all the releases.

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Thanks to Faet 212 + YouTube.

Rijn, it would seem the gods are having a laugh 🙂 First all the Skaven goodness, followed by the fantastic Ogres and now again the rats…

And not just any rats, but Warhammer Forge – shit expensive resin rats, lol.

Skaven Exaulted Vermin Lord

Brood Horror (bound version)

Brood Horror (with Skaven Warlord)

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought with Heavy Conversion Beamer

Dark Eldar Tantalus skimmer



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