GW sales and 40K 6th edition rumours


It would seem that they have a lot in mind with regards to the new 6th edition 40k. An obvious statement but please read through the rumours and judge for yourselves. Given these are only rumours and possibly pure shite, but who knows. A very appealing rumour – the shift of interest from the Emperor and the Empire to focus more on the forces of Chaos and their influences on the universe. And this: “first real 6th edition codex: Codex Chaos Legions, really big release in three waves, doesn’t invalidate Codex Chaos Space Marines which gets extensive White Dwarf update as Codex Renegade Space Marines” and two starter box sets for 6th edition!

Early days but still something to look forward too. With Mantic Games recently revealing their sci-fi release, Warpath, and Privateer Press just announcing at their recent Lock and Load  event their entry into the sci-fi realm, the competition will be more fierce and GW will in turn only give us a better game and of course even more amazing models 🙂

And yes, I do not know the existing set of rules, but competition makes you stronger, as the saying goes.

Again, grain of salt time!

Thanks to rideroftheerk and Blood of Kittens and Old School Terminator and Dark Future Games.



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