How To Roll Citadel Dice!



Released today is How to Roll Citadel Dice, a 126-page full-colour guide containing everything you ever need to know about rolling dice to improve your battles.  Never lose a game again, check it out now!

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3 thoughts on “How To Roll Citadel Dice!”

  1. joshebarlow says:

    I am so way ahead of you on this one Charl I got a leaked copy of this book about a week back and I know it sounds silly but there are some really impressive moves and nifty tricks that really make a difference.

    For those who are interested email me because I spoke to Warren about it yesterday and he will be stoking them, he also said that there will be a [retty sweet discount if you preorder. Do it

    1. Charl says:

      Hey, no fair! But to be honest I didn’t see you use any of those rad moves yesterday with those plague… umm knights. You still practicing? Some of the throws look really difficult.

  2. mwdenton says:

    OO I want three….

    Two Thumbs up to GW on this one!

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