In-engine Trailer for Total War: Warhammer Released

The first In-engine trailer for Total War: Warhammer has just been released. It’s set in the Battle of Black Fire Pass, and we see Karl Franz lead the Empire against the Green Skins. Check out the trailer below:


Please note that this is In-engine and not in-game footage, here is exactly what In-engine means from the Total War website:

‘In-engine Cinematic’

The video uses Development in Progress in-game assets and code as a basis for a video shot with cinematic camera techniques to create movie-like footage. This is representative of the themes and general look and feel of the game, but it is not the direct in-game experience you will get when you are physically playing the final game.

I can’t help but get excited every time I see a bit more of the game. I really hope this game is as good as it potentially can be. You can watch the Cinematic trailer here, in case you missed it.

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