interclub 18/02/12

Just a quick little announcement. The BBSW is hosting a little interclub this Sunday against one of the other Cape Town clubs. As you know this clashes with the Sunday 40k league so that will be put on hold for this week, we just cant pass up the opportunity to bring the pain to some other club. Unfortunately there is only space for 6 players, this is who is attending:

Rob fourie
Jack V
Casper ?
Rob baldie ?
Glen ?

If there is a question mark next to your name please let me know if you are attending so that I know how many more players we need to find. If you are interested in taking part and your name is not on the list please let me know ASAP. The interclub will be 40k 1750pts played using standard rule book missions, I have not yet confirmed starting time or number of games but as soon as I do I will let everyone know.

One final note, we always strive to have a friendly and relaxed gaming environment at the club but as we are hosts to outside players and playing games which will be matching tournament standards I encourage you to brush up on your rules if you are interested in taking part. The interclub is open to anyone, but if you are unable to field a 1750pt army without significant proxies, or unable to play a game this size smoothly within 2:15 hours I strongly suggest you wait until you are more ready. Dont worry we are planning on having far more events like this

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