Internet Rage = Tyranid Tervigon


New close-up pics of the Tervigon. Thanks to Warseer & RedemptionNL.

I don’t collect Tyranids, but what is not to like about this model?

As people are alluding to, is this a new MC class entry, size-wise? That thing is HUGE

There seem to be quite some hatred towards GW for only releasing this fantastic entry now. The same also applies to the Thunderwolves Cavalry and the gorgeous  Fenrisian Wolves. Yes, the logic defies all reason. Who knows why GW operates the way they do? My allegiance lies with the Ruinous Powers. We are stuck with a fucking 3rd edition Dreadnought!  Do you see Chaos enthusiasts moping around, crying “why gods has Games Workshop finally released a model we have been waiting for years, and made it bigger than our conversions? Curse-curse.”

Why can people not look at the new model and say, shit, what a fucking awesome model?

I can only hope these models sell well and act as a fist up GW’s ass as to why they are only released now?

It is very simple, you like the model, you buy the model. You don’t like the model…


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Lol, look at this thing 🙂

Thumbs-up GW, your dominance is proved yet again. Respect to your talented staff.


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