Isles of Terror Board Game on Kickstarter

Isle of Terror is a new board game by Voodoo Games. The game is for 1- 4 players and is playable solo, competitive or co-operative. Check out the Kickstarter video below for more information:

Embark on sinister adventures in this 1-4 player story-driven strategy game of exploration and conquest.

Isle of terror contents

The game is all about exploring, and overcoming the dangers in the form of minions, terrors, seasonal events, and unforeseen situations. You’ll have to manage your resources, claim territories and overcome the locals to survive. The project has already been funded so where on to some stretch goals.

The game comes in two versions, the Explorer pledge for 45 Euros ($55 approx) or the Conqueror pledge which comes with 92 miniatures for 70 Euros ($86 approx). You can make your pledge here. There’s a 72 hour early bird special, so you best on hurry over there if you’re interested 😉


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