Jenga Classic and Giant Family Game Review

Jenga, the classic block pulling and stacking game. There’s a reason why this game have stood the test of time and is as popular as ever. It’s a great mix of suspense and steady hands – have you got what it takes to keep the tower from tumbling down.

Simple, solid, and timeless. It takes skill, strategy, and luck.

Jenga versions

The Game

Jenga is a simple, fun and very suspenseful experience at it’s core. The premise is super simple – pull a block from the tower and place it on top. But as the turns go the tower becomes more unstable making each pull and place a very tricky undertaking. You’ll need some luck and a steady hand to make it to the end as the winner is the last person to remove a block without causing the tower to fall. The great thing is that that game is so easy to setup and you can play almost anywhere with anyone.

The Jenga Classic set comes with 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions.

Jenga Giant Family Edition

Jenga Giant

The Jenga Giant Family option is a great fix for younger children and outdoor play. The game starts at 18 inches high at setup and can be safely stacked to over 3 feet high in play. Each block size has been increased to about 5.7″ Long x 1.9″ Wide x 1″ High. You get the same amount of 54 precision-crafted hardwood blocks – just like the classic game. They make for a great visual and is a fun activity for all to enjoy at home and even functions and get together’s as the bigger size usually attracts a fair amount of spectators.

There are of course a number of imitation products on the market, but be careful as usually the first thing that you’ll notice is a lower quality wood for the blocks. If you want to quality stick to the known and trusted Jenga brand. If you’re looking for a quick fun game that everyone can play then you can’t go wrong with Jenga. It sure to be game that hits the casual players table again and again. If you’re looking something more advanced then we recommend the Men at Work board game, which adds a number of challenging upgrades to the normal block stacking of Jenga.

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