Lobotomy Board Game on Kickstarter

Titan Forge Games have their new board game, Lobotomy on Kickstarter. In this co-operative horror adventure the players must escape a from psychiatric hospital. Fight monsters , pick up items, unlock powers and skills, and get ready to face the Chief Hospital Administrator who is your final obstacle in escaping the hospital. The campaign is already funded and the stretch goals are tumbling fast. Check out the Kickstarter video below.


Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills — or just delusions?

Game Contents

Lobotomy  Board Game

Lobotomy Board Game

  • 1-5 players
  • cooperative horror adventure with role
  • playing character development
  • unique dungeon crawling, roguelike mechanics and solo-play option
  • replayabiity with modular gameboard, random scenarios and different narrative every playthrough
  • ability to win the game but still lose your self-uncovering past personality
  • over 40 highly detailed miniatures and monsters inspired by classic horror themes
  • at least 5 different player characters, each with personalized miniature, backstory and own set of powers
  • equipment and skills cards collected by heroes during the game, featuring climatic arts and flavors
  • action, decisions and RPG elements lead to a big finale each session

The basic game costs $90 and you can pledge here. There is also the option to add the expansion From the Deep for $50. You can check out what you get below.

Lobotomy Kickstarter Pledge

Lobotomy Kickstarter Pledge

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