Looking for 3 games (thurs 21/04)

Hello all

Firstly I’m sorry that I couldnt make it last night but law is alot harder than I thought, I’m writing criminal procedure tomorrow at 9am which is not ayoba and it mean I will be unable to attend the carnage tomorrow. However if something like constitutional or property law doesn’t sneak up on me in the next week I will be looking for a rather busy 40k week. I hopefully want to get started on painting my grey knights and start writing up my tournament list.

So, next thursday I will be looking for not 1, not 2 but 3 games. I will be playing grey knights at 1750pts as this is the new tournament size. I would like to get a variety of opponents maybe something like orks, guard, tyranids and marines (chaos or loyal). If I do manage to organise 3 games I will be at the bunker from pretty early in the afternoon (if that’s ok with the boss and casper), and I think we can allocate around 2:15 hours per game maybe less since playing with the knights doesn’t take long on account of their numbers.

Please let me know if you are interested, and what time could work for you ASAP. Also on a side note if you want to play with marines please try and get a 2000pt list together, I will play with a normal 1750pt list, it’s just that grey knights kind of eat marines.

Don’t be shy im not looking for competitive games I just want to throw some dice down to get a feel for the new codex, and it will be interesting to face a new army like grey knights, plus I shall provide you with snacks and drinks. My number is 0824985834

Josh (danger) Barlow

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