Looking for 40K games at 1750 points level asap

This is a shout-out to all 40K players who can field 1750 points.  I’m looking for games at that points level in order to practice for the Cape Regionals tounament which is set down for 23/24 June 2012 .  I’m available to play this coming Saturday and Sunday (2/3 June) and from then on, Saturdays as my Sundays will then be allocated to other games and 40K League. Let me know asap so that we can arrange the neccesary.  I don’t mind playing more than one game a day, it’ll be good practice for the tourney.

Ciao for now

3 thoughts on “Looking for 40K games at 1750 points level asap”

  1. joshebarlow says:

    Hey rob, I would be happy to play some games against you Saturday, I definitely think you should count on more than one game. I will bring through my grey knights and chaos space marines so that you can get some varied experience. Where did you see that the regionals is on that weekend, I cant find an announcement or something anywhere.

  2. baldimanr says:

    Thanks Josh! I’ll be there early/mid morning then, so we can get at least two games in, The dates for the Regionals are on the calendar on the Warhammer Generals site, however there’s no topic on the boards on that site, where the organisers usually put the nitty-gritty details. I’m not discounting the possibility that they could push back the dates a bit depending on when 6th ed comes out, to give potential entrants the chance to get some practice in on the new setup. However I need to instil some urgency in myself or I’ll end up with the same situation as Veterans – going into the tourney with virtually zero practice,

  3. baldimanr says:

    Ok due to Josh – ahem – not being able to make it today, I am still at zero practice level. I did go through today anyway, debated going home but decided to wait a while and watch the square-base games. My patience paid off in a manner of speaking 🙂 – namely I got to meet another 40K prospect and have the honour of facing him in his first game, Robert D if you’re reading this thanks once again, first time out and it went down to the wire! I look forward to rolling the bones against you in the future (hopefully soon!).
    On another note, I’ve been informed that the starting date for the next 40K league game is now set for the 1st of July, so I will be available for games at least tommorrow (3 June), Saturday 9 June and the weekend of 16/17 June. If I need to I can make a plan for other times and dates.

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