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Hi all; was over on Saturday, great to finally have a wargaming shop in Somerset West/Boland, nice looking place!

I’m a new 40k player, have (suprise….not!) a Space Marines army. Would like a game this coming Thursday at the new venue (Battle Bunker, Libri Rd).

PS I had a standard 1650 game in mind but have enough kit for more – however as a newbie, smaller is often better.



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  1. joshebarlow says:

    I would love to oblige but unfortunately I have a test on Thursday night so I won’t be coming through this week. Try and get hold of one of the fantastic four (rob and the crew), I don’t think they check the site very often but they are always keen for a game and are great sports.

    I don’t think there will really be anyone else to play against because Chris won’t be back, Mathew has moved to the dark side (fantasy) and the rest for some bizarre reason avoid games like the plague (im looking at you Charl, Reuben, Johan)

    Try and come through for the interclub tournament this weekend it will be good to see some other proper sized armies and how the game really plays.

    I also suggest maybe moving your point limit down if you’re new to the game it can go quite slow and get confusing quick

    Anyway good luck

  2. davidbruce1961 says:

    Thanks for the reply. I should have clarified – I’ve already played half-a-dozen 40k games, moving up in points as I progressed (as you suggested), so I’m not a complete 40k newbie and am comfortable with the points limit above. However, I’ve always played the same opponent and same army (Chaos SM) so am keen to meet some other armies!

    Thnx again,

  3. mwdenton says:

    Hi David,

    Welcome to the World of the Harbingers :-)…

    Ignore our little Chaos player (who is dying to start Grey Knights soon) and his blabbings. He just a little down because he cannot play this week :-).

    David I will gladly take you on! That is if you don’t mind taking on some Orks.

    1650pt will suit be perfect (as this is pretty much what i have ready to go).

    What time would you like to get going? 19h00?

  4. davidbruce1961 says:

    Thanks for the welcome! (And didn’t realized the 1st response was from a frustrated Chaos gamer…)

    Orks will be great (in the sense of a great challenge, that is!) 1650 pts it is then, 19h00 tomorrow (Thursday 7 April) at the new Battle Bunker in Somerset West. I’ve heard of the ferocious reputation of Orks in the current 40k universe, but have never played them (or indeed anything other than Chaos SM), so hopefully the game won’t be over by bound 3 🙂

    Till tomorrow evening then!



  5. joshebarlow says:

    Hey not feeling the love guys, chaos needs hugs to. Don’t listen to Mathew I’m not a frustrated chaos player he is just tired of loosing, oh and Mathew cheats.

  6. Matthew says:

    Cheating is like a special rule for the Orkz… what sort of Ork player would I be if I didnt cheat!! 🙂

    Ag Shame, Josh… didnt know you wanted a hug. Next time I see you, I will be sure to give you a good squeeze! 🙂

    Thanks David… see you later tonight.

  7. davidbruce1961 says:

    Just be careful hugging a Chaos player, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of the Gift of Chaos 🙂

    Regarding Ork players -will be sure to look my new April 1st book from Citadel about good dice throwing!

    Anycase, looking forward to the game tonight, Matthew. Have just looked through the Ork codex and it’s not pleasant reading (for a non-Ork that is!)



  8. davidbruce1961 says:

    Hi Matthew – thanks for a great game last night. Just shows one should never give up – by the end of your bound 2, with all my armour wrecked and the Orcs mobs closing in quickly, I thought things were all over for the Space Marines! Here’s a few things I learned from the game:

    1. Orcs may not be invulnerable but they sure are scary, sneaky – and numerous!

    2. KillaKans are from now on number 1 priority target.

    3. Tanks have engines and should use them to move around! (I really should know this after how many WWII games….) otherwise some greenskin is going to sneak up from behind and stick a great bit powerklaw through the rear door!

    4. Sternguard veterans are worth every one of their many points …

    5. as is any template weapon!

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