Lord of the Rings!

On a certain Thursday evening earlier this year, some crazy people at the club meeting voted me in as club member in charge of Lord of the Rings and the other miscellaneous games.  Since then, someone has kindly stepped up to help me with the non-LOTR side therefore I’ll deal with that side later in another post.

At this point I’m focussing on Lord of the Rings as its the side I know the most about, having quite a few models, the rulebooks and quite a few of the add-on sourcebooks for it.  I’m also an unashamed JRR Tolkien fan; you know the dude who wrote the series of books know collectively as the Lord of the Rings, as well as several others?  I’ve read all of his major works, some of them several times, and have also watched the Peter Jackson film versions on more than one occasion – each!   I’ve even watched some of the early attempts to do film versions of LOTR.  Suffice to say its only something a hardcore fan would do as they were pretty horrible – for example in the one, you knew which characters were elves because they glowed and sparkled like they’d bathed in pixie-dust – kid you not.

Enough about my personal passion for all things Tolkien.  There have been some developments around LOTR gaming at the Battle Bunker. though not seriously advertised.  It’s mostly been learning games on Thursday nights, with those who have expressed an interest in learning the basics of GW’s Strategy Battle Games rules for this setting.

I like GW’s set up for Lord of the Rings in that not only do I get to play in the same setting as the books I know and love, I can play so many diferent types of games with just one set of models.  It makes it more than worthwhile for me, I’m hoping in coming days and weeks to be able to share my passion on a regular basis with whoever’s interested.

Speaking of which, as you may or may not know, Warren is currently running a painting competition involving the full Fellowship of the Ring.  The deadline for entries was Friday 1 June, with the judging happening on Sunday 10 June 2012.  I know its still exam season for a lot of you out there, however Warren and I have great plans in place for that day, mostly involving various LOTR scenarios being run.  We want to make it extremely fun for all, after all its a Helderberg Harbingers/Battle Bunker event and we have standards to maintain! 🙂  So your enthusiastic attendance of this day would really be appreciated!

Ciao for now 🙂

Robert B

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