Mantic or not too Mantic…

Hey Guys,

I wanted to get a collective opinion on this!

As some of you know, I am in the long process of starting my Vampire Count army…  I have been exploring various avenues of the what to buy and how to buy it.  Now for some strange reason, of which I cannot understand, I have decided  to run a horde army, AGAIN.  This means lots of models!

I have been seriously considering Mantic games as an option.  Take the deal below… I mean it is worth it just for the zombies and skellies!

What do you think?  Should I go for an army deal like this to make up the core of my army, and then GW for the special stuff like Chris’s Black Coach 🙂 and Manfred and Vlad etc.

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6 thoughts on “Mantic or not too Mantic…”

  1. joshebarlow says:

    Take it, awesome deal really. Horde armies may be competitive but they will be the death of you.

    1. mwdenton says:

      It not so much competitive… I just love the idea of bringing lots of dudes to unlife on the battle field :-)…
      “Oh no, you killed my unit…oh well here is another :-)”

  2. Charl says:

    Looks like a solid buy, Matt. Great value, and some cool looking minis. One thing to consider though is whether you will be allowed to play regional tournaments with non-GW models. I know overseas its frowned upon and not allowed at many tournies, but if the fantasy crowd is anything like the 40K crowd over here then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. rijnklopper says:

    I’ve read a lot of good thing about them, especially their undead models. I say do it, you’ll save a lot and be able to field a larger, better equipped army.

  4. Amberdrake says:

    Hey guys 😉 i was looking at mantic games figurines while back. They seem to have good value for money and the undead is awsome, compared to the GW undead that look generic and pretty much like boring LEGO skellies. Personaly id go for matic or even anyone other than gw when comes to skellies or Zombies 🙂 purely cause the rest look so awsome

    Dwarf Holds will crush YOU!

  5. mwdenton says:

    Thanks for the input guys! So far the feedback is no one will really mind around here! And plus i dot know if you have seen, but this Kings of War game seems to be pretty awesome it self.

    PLUS Mantic will ship it for free!

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